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Meters / beat - Meters per heartbeat - the athlete's fuel consumption!

It's more fun to be out and exercise, but when the body is sick the brain work. Sometimes it's incredibly fun to imagine and create the things I have done a Data Field app called Meter / beat or Meters per heartbeat in Swedish. In this post I will show what the Meter / beat app does. For more information about making apps to Garmin products (eg 920XT ), see my article on Garmin Connect IQ .


The power is a measure of how strong a motor is as defined energy / time unit (unit [Joules / second = Watts = W]). It is possible to measure the effect on a car engine with horsepower. It is also possible to measure the power of an athlete, but it's not as easy. On the bike's power meter (measuring power = force * distance / time). Measuring force is relatively difficult and power meters for bicycles is still expensive.

For swimming, running and other sports, it is not as easy to measure the athlete's power (since it does not go down in a rotating shaft of a machine).

Other interesting measure of how the efficiency / performance of an engine's fuel consumption (liters per km). An efficient engine is at the same speed (work) efficiency (better) than a wasteful engine. But what is the equivalent measure of an athlete?

Purpose of measuring meters per heartbeat

When I was doing my first app I was looking for a measurement that may be easier to produce than power (power [W]). I then thought of the relationship between speed and heart rate, which according to me is the solution. Given that no disturbance occurs (wind, temperature, different track profile, etc.) is the speed at a given pulse is a measure describing how effective an athlete's engine! The heart rate is usually measured in heartbeats per unit of time [bpm, beats per minute]. 60bpm is resting heart rate and 180bpm my maximum heart rate. Speed ​​is defined as distance per time unit. => Distance per time / heartbeats per time = meters per heartbeat.

Meters per heartbeat is the athlete's equivalent to fuel consumption.

Is it good?

Help me with this in a comment!


  • Meters per heartbeat can be used where there is GPS and heart rate monitor (eg sports swimming, running, biking or hiking)
  • You can compare the performance and development of a sport
  • You can compare the relative performance / performance development between different sports
  • Cheaper than power / pulse

Cons (?)

  • Speed ​​and heart rate are affected by weather conditions

Implementation of Garmin Connect IQ

Meters / beat - Meters per heartbeat is the earliest app in Garmin's app store. I made a Data Field can be used for this.

But it's expensive power meter on your bike. It is also very difficult to measure the impact when running / swimming / ...
"Speed ​​/ heart rate" = "distance / heartbeat" is a measure which, like a car's motor show effectiveness.
Of course, the speed depends also on the slope, wind, shape, type of passport ... but given that the disturbances are taking themselves out over time, an improvement made in this metric at the same type of activity. The measurement can be just as useful (and also more accessible than power / watt).

meter / beat

Examples from a walk at Vallby-air museum. meters / beat = 0.9 average. At a heart rate of 80 beats per minute, I thus average 1.2 meters / second.


Garmin Connect IQ

In my last article , I described my new Christmas present, the Garmin 920XT, the first watch of Garmin that will support Apps! In this article, I thought to go deeper in Garmin Connect IQ and its SDK, which I have just explored. Garmin Connect IQ can be downloaded here . On the same page is a good introduction. It's a bit complicated to understand how it works by simply reading - so learning by doing recommended.

Garmin plans for this to enable the development of four different types of Apps. Two of these can be developed with today (2015-01-05) SDK (0.2.4) against the operating system 2:57 (beta):

  • WATCH FACES means that the SDK for enabling a custom look for the page that is displayed when the clock is used as an ordinary watch. That is, when the clock does not record an activity. Standard app then displays the current time, battery level, number of steps during the current day, how many steps remaining to today's goals and the current date. A new app, for example, show time analog instead of digital. Other possibilities are to display other information.
  • DataFields can also customize which apps which I think is slightly more value-added than Watch Faces.
    What is a data field / data field? Well, when the training eager performs an activity, such as recording a run, he may (Hen) see current time, distance, speed, heart rate, and other measurements. This is the standard version. In Garmin's products can normally customize the pages that are in the field as the clock support. In a DataFields app, the app developer to create your own data values, which then can be used on the clock. This may be values ​​not previously available.
ComplexDataField exempel

Complex Data Field Example

I myself have experimented with DataFields. Partly through the examples that come with the SDK for and by making your own app. I was going to describe my app (Meters per heartbeat) in a new article. To the right is a picture from example-applications on a Complex Data Field. Complex Data Field draws a graph of heart rate and speed while the current value is updated. This is the extended function against default DataFields who just can display current or average of the same values.

The two other apptyperna planned by Garmin is not yet possible to experiment with because they are not available as part of the SDK 0.2.4 and OS 2:57. From the Garmin website clear, however, that if the plans:

  • Widgets are applications that can be linked to WATCH FACES. The user may want to see details of the day's number of steps, or a calendar behind the current date. Do not know how they work, because I have not been able to test drive!
  • WEARABLE APPS becomes probibly the most popular of the four appkategorierna. The reason is that these are described as the most flexible. They have access to everything available in clock, external sensors, and internet access via wifi or bluetooth. It is possible for example to store data, generate their own values ​​to .fit files. Saving data can not be done with a Data Field since this is only a view that is displayed when a task is run.

Another feature that is not currently available in the SDK for is access to the accelerometer. It is accelerometer that is used to make smart algorithms that can predict the type of strokes, average contact with the ground during paydays or motion during sleep (just to name a few examples). I can think of many other algorithms that I would try to investigate and improve my behavior during training!

Garmin plans to open a shop for apps in the near future (starting 2015).

I keep an eye out for testing WEARABLE APPS, accelerometer data, and other things that can be fun. Sometimes it's incredibly fun to imagine and create things!


Garmin 920XT

I just received a new gift, the Garmin 920XT . A nice watch for triathlon and any type of exercise (the latest was 2014-12-24). Some new features like the clock has are:

  • Accelerometer
  • Wifi / Bluetooth syncstöd
  • Works for swimming indoors and outdoors
  • Measures of sleep and what to do during the day
  • First Garmin product supporting Apps *

* Garmin Connect IQ store is planned for January 2015. Already now it is possible to develop apps with IQ Connect SDK .

The company Garmin is for me the symbol of GPS products. I bought my first GPS watch 2007 (Garmin Forerunner 305). Clock works even today, and has been terrific useful. I have until 2014-03-01 not need more features. It was on this date I started with triathlon and realized that it would be fun to be able to monitor the training progress even in water.

Apps have been around at the competitor Suunto for two years and Apple's iPhone has built its business model on that. Garmin has probably realized the possibilities that are picked up on free labor begins work on improving the user experience on their platform of products. I do not think you can afford to let Suunto run ahead ...


Activities in Liguria - Football, olive oil, cycling and water polo

Now a new week end in Italy. Two weeks have gone fast. I think I have done a lot so far but there is also much to look forward to. In two weeks my first and best visit, with Italian derby as one of the highlights (Juve-Inter).


Veckans fotbollshöjdpunkt - Bombardier Italia mot ?: 3-3

Weekly football highlight - Bombardier Italia v?: 3-3

This week I had a training and two matches. The funniest game with the guys at work. Match start 22:00 every Thursday! We run a raven like series of CA13 law. There is one match a week throughout the year. The series ends with a playoff. Right now we are in the middle, something must change!

This week, we met a young team. Average age was perhaps 22. They were fast, technical and feeble. It meant a lot filming (in my eyes). The first goal was my fault. Took me a hand in the penalty area -> first penalty. 0-2 also came on a penalty and a new hand (not from me). In the second half worth it though revange. We lay on and managed to turn the 3-3.

Olive oil

Olivträd - blir olja i november!

Olive trees - is oil in November!

Today I have been at Altin - a guy I play football with. His wife cooked (very good!) And we played on "Stryktipset" (Gothenburg-Kalmar will hopefully cross). He also took me into the mountains outside Savona, where he has a piece of land where he grows olive trees. Very interesting and beautiful.

Output from this is that I've learned how to do to make olive oil. It is the black olives are using. In Japan do oil green olives - maybe not to mention what Altin thought about it ...

Unfortunately, it rained hard - so there was not much time outdoors. May take a new weekend ahead, planned to offer myself as Labour.


Way home from Altin I realized that there was something pågång. The street was cordoned kind and full of policemen. Indeed, after a bit around the polling as it was now time for the Milan-San Remo . A race in Italy for the elite. Cyclists Fabian Cancellara and Mark Cavendish were with, both have previously won the contest. This year it snowed in Milan. Participants therefore had to go by bus to the coast and the start outside Genova. The race was therefore much shorter, just 15 mil :)

I was there with a camera and took a film. Marveled at how incredibly fast it goes! Met Fabio - a local biker - in the audience and began to talk to him. He runs a club in Savona. Maybe some cycling in Italy to come.

Water Polo

Savona vann matchen med 13-10 mot Sicilien

Savona won the match 13-10 against Sicily

Another activity of the weekend was water polo. This is the biggest sport in Sanvona. The team is 3rd in the league and traditionally very good. This year the team is young and they aim to win the league until next year. Italy is apparently the reigning world champion in water polo league so high class.

Watching the water polo was kind to look at handball. Very targets back and forth and around the same rules. One difference, however, was that it was very hot and humid in the hall :) .

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Skis in Italy - Limone Piemonte

Today I including skiing a turn to the Italian mountains to go skiing. From Savona / Genoa is far til Val di Fiemme. It is more than three hours. But fortunately, there are areas that are better distance.

A good page that lists the ski area is j2ski . It recommended. I chose to go to Limone Piemonte, because there would be tracks where the nordic skiing. There were traces - 5 km classic or skate. Before I tell you more about this, take a detour.

Stopped by police

An earlier impression is that there are many who drive recklessly on the roads down here. Påväg Limone Piemonte, I passed a small community. It became 50, but all were kind 70. The cars ahead of me running on a small Fiat Punto. It was white and four-wheel drive. To avoid the risk that people honk at me from behind I do the same thing, which I of course would not have done. I made three mistakes:

  1. Driving too fast.
  2. Went over a continuous white line.
  3. Did not the police check for snow chains which were 100 meters ahead until it was too late.

In the rearview mirror I see two cops rushing toward his car. Jahapp, then it was only to stay! The communication was done with sign language and with a book that had English translation. They showed me a side of the crossed license and laughed while they pointed at me and said 'al pie, al pie ". After some discussion ended, however, the incident with a "warning".

Limone Piemonte, the cross-country trails

The tracks that would be 5 km, was for measurement was about 3.5 km. It was certainly 10% incline on average. Ski team makes new track every day. They charge € 7 in trace fee. In the shop there are ski rentals and ski wax.

Skidspår Limone Piemonte

Country ski trail Limone Piemonte

Basically it was a "serpentine" pitch for 2 kms and then a descent. Utförslöpan stopped at a bar. There sat the lion's share of all Italians. After a while, I also :) It was really hot (+ 10 ° C) and blue sky. Drove with rolled up legs and short sleeves.

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