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Activities in Liguria - Football, olive oil, cycling and water polo

Now a new week-end in Italy. Two weeks have passed quickly. I think I have done a lot so far but there is also much to look forward to. In two weeks, my first and best visits, with Italian derby as one of the highlights (Juventus-Inter).


Veckans fotbollshöjdpunkt - Bombardier Italia mot ?: 3-3

This week's football highlight - Bombardier Italia v?: 3-3

This week I had a training and two matches. The most enjoyable job was with the guys at work. Match start 22:00 every Thursday! We run a raven like series with CA13 law. It is a match of the week throughout the year. The series ends with a playoff. Right now we are in the middle, something has to change!

This week, we met a young team. The average age was maybe 22. They were fast, technical and feeble. It meant a lot filming (in my eyes). The first goal was my fault. Took me a hand in the penalty area -> first penalty. 0-2 also came on a penalty and a new hand (not from me). In the second half, where it however revange. We lay on and managed to turn into 3-3.

Olive oil

Olivträd - blir olja i november!

Olive trees - is oil in November!

Today I've been at Altin - a guy I play football with. His wife was cooking (very good!) And we played "Stryktipset" (Gothenburg-Kalmar will hopefully cross). He also took me into the mountains outside of Savona, where he has a piece of land where he cultivates olive trees. Very interesting and beautiful.

Output from this is that I've learned how to do to make olive oil. It's the black olives to use. In Japan, do you oil on green olives - maybe not to mention what Altin thought about it ...

Unfortunately, it rained hard - so there was not much time outdoors. Will take another weekend to come, planned to offer myself as labor.


Way home from Altin I realized that there was something pågång. The street was cordoned kind and full of police officers. Sure enough, after a bit around the polling, it was now time for the Milan-San Remo . A race in Italy for the elite. Cyclists Fabian Cancellara and Mark Cavendish was with, both have previously won the contest. This year it snowed in Milan. Participants therefore had to ride the bus to the stallion and start off Genova. The race was therefore much shorter, only 15 mil :)

I was there with the camera and took a movie. Marveled at how incredibly fast it goes! Met at Fabio - a local cyclist - in the audience and began to talk to him. He runs a club in Savona. Maybe some cycling in Italy ahead.

Water Polo

Savona vann matchen med 13-10 mot Sicilien

Savona won the match 13-10 against Sicily

Another activity of the weekend was water polo. This is the biggest sport in Sanvona. The team is 3rd in the league and are traditionally very good. This year the team is young and they aim to win the league next year. Italy is apparently the reigning world champion in water polo league so high class.

Watching the water polo was kind like watching handball. Very goals back and forth and around the same rules. One difference, however, was that it was very hot and humid in the hall :) .

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Cross Country Skiing in Italy - Limone Piemonte

Today I've skiing including a trip to the Italian mountains to go skiing. From Savona / Genoa is the way til the Val di Fiemme. That's more than three hours. But fortunately, there are areas that are better at distance.

A good site that lists the ski area is j2ski . It recommended. I chose to go to Limone Piemonte, as there would be tracks where skiing. There were traces - 5 km classic or skate. Before I tell you more about this, take a detour.

Stopped by police

An earlier impression is that there are many who drive recklessly on the roads down here. On her way to Limone Piemonte, I passed a small community. It was 50, but all were type 70. The cars ahead of me running on a tiny Fiat Punto. It was white and four-wheel drive. To avoid the risk of people honk at me from behind I do the same thing, which of course I would not have done. I made three mistakes:

  1. Drove too fast.
  2. Went over a continuous white line.
  3. Did not the police check for snow chains which was 100 meters ahead until it was too late.

In retrospect, I see how two policemen rushing towards his car. Jahapp, then it was just to stop! The communication was done with sign language as well as with a book that had the English translation. They showed me a side of the crossed license and laughed while they pointed at me and said "al pie, al pie". After some discussion, however, the incident ended with a "warning".

Limone Piemonte, the cross-country trails

The tracks that would be 5 km was after measurement was about 3.5 km. It was certainly a 10% average gradient. Ski team makes new tracks every day. They charge € 7 in the trail fee. In the shop there are ski rentals and ski wax.

Skidspår Limone Piemonte

Trails Limone Piemonte

Basically it was a "switchback" pitch in for 2 km and then a descent. Utförslöpan stopped at a bar. There sat the lion's share of all Italians. After a while I also :) It was really hot (+ 10 ° C) and the blue sky. Drove with rolled up legs and short sleeves.

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Living in Italy - my first few days

Now I have come to the rest of Italy - maybe you could say. First week on the job has gone really fast. I have tried to get to know as many as possible and think it has gone okay. Everyone is very helpful and happy to get to the coffee machine to coffee. Some impressions from the time the coffee machine:

  • All run "caffe corto" with lot of sugar (haha - I!).
  • It is very common to smoke here than in Sweden.
  • Football is a hot topic - although biggest sport in Savona seems to be water polo.
  • Instead Serve logo so the machines as standard adorned with a picture of a girl in a bikini.


Job-wise, so the first week was spent in train simulator where we have tested various functions (eg "Traction safe"). I have got to fix some configuration of HW together with Vasteras (HMI S and CCU-S). Another task is to trigger automatic regression tests (ie - to be able to repeat the same tests on newer releases of software automatically). It'll be an interesting topic to come. In about one month, the physical train to the site to begin testing. Then it is that we are prepared.

Tempo libero

After work, some time has been spent to move, act and get started. In addition to that, I have done sports. On Tuesday, I met a lovely person - Armin - when I would pick stålhettor in order to work in the lab. We started talking football and Zlatan. It all ended with me being invited to their football team. He picked me up at night. Ended up in a tent that contained a konstrgräsplan for five against five. We won and there will be new match next Tuesday!

Last Wednesday where the sample workout at the gym and on Thursday another match. This time in an enterprise-class (Type raven). Will run a practice and a game where every week I think.

Yesterday I topped football week to go in the match. Genoa - Milan finished 0-2. My biggest impression from there was:

  • Genoa is a cool city. Incredibly hilly!
  • It's kind impossible to park in Italy!
  • The entire arena is engaged. Fantastic atmosphere (although Genoa is last).
  • Granqvist's probably out of shape. He replaced after every few nice mismatch :)
  • The prison in Genoa is apparently next door to the football stadium. Anyone who has thought?

How will this adventure end?

Luigi Ferraris i Genoa - bröjar fyllas upp innan avspark :)

Luigi Ferraris in Genoa - bröjar filled up before kickoff :)

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Vasteras to Savona in 18 hours!

It was a few years ago at the latest - but now I'm back. This time for new adventures in Savona - Italy. I will work here for 6 months with the commissioning of the Zefiro-Italy, a fast train for TrenItalia. It will be a very exciting period, from every perspective - and therefore it makes sense to save / share my memories here at Technomics.

Some observations on the way down:

  • In Italy they just talk football on radio
  • Volvo: n like German motorways!
  • We were lucky with the weather
  • Spring came about in Denmark - where the grass was green
  • It seems like pasta and fish come on separate plates of Italy

Next weekend there will be skiing. Tomorrow begins the seriousness of the job ... Should be fun to meet with the group!

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Aux adapter for Volvo - Cd-connect

I have had my CD-connect Volvo for about a month now and am very satisfied. The product works great. I use the aux adapter for listening to audio books on the way to work. P3 Documentary is also great to listen to during long trips. I usually download them as podcasts to my iPod.

Since I was the first customer of the product, I put up with to film installation. Installation film is available on volvoaux.se but I found it even directly to YouTube.

I hate to hear myself talk!

Here is a picture of the installation:

Min installation. Jag satt en ingång i den löstagbara knappen. Installationen ser helt orginal ut!

My installation. I put an entry in the removable button. The installation looks completely original out!

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